Advancements in Legislative Studies (Hauptseminar)

This course reviews recent advancements in the study of legislative behavior, its determinants, and consequences. After a short introduction, we read and discuss prime examples of research investigating various parliamentary activities, legislators’ careers, electoral effects of parliamentary activities, et cetera. Students are acquainted with studies utilizing methods including text-as-data, survey analysis, natural experiments, and experimental designs. [Syllabus]

Politicians at work: Between parliaments and elections (Proseminar)

This course reviews the various activities in which legislators partake, both in parliament and outside of it, and the electoral incentives that shape their behaviour. Students are familiarized with institutional and party-specific factors influencing legislators, such as candidate selection methods, parliamentary organization, the electoral system, et cetera. We also discuss several consequences of legislators’ behaviour, such as the budget size, public satisfaction, and electoral outcomes. [Syllabus]